Victory Park Rotunda and points of interest

Located in Victory Park Traralgon

Shows Cr. R. J. (Bob) Seear, Mayor showing the plaque on the Rotunda, following the opening ceremony on 2nd. November, 1986.

Victory Park Band Rotunda

The Band Rotunda was a “dream” of the then Mayor of the City of Traralgon (1985/86). His objective was reached with the generous support of local businesses, tradesmen and many individuals.

In 1942 members of the public (Rotary Club of Traralgon) planted a circle of trees around an area for an oval. When the Local Council purchased the land, it had envisaged establishing an area for children’s sport and recreational activities. (Ref “70 years of Service – 1942 – 2012;)

Pictured left shows Cr. R. J. (Bob) Seear, Mayor showing the plaque on the Rotunda, following the opening ceremony on 2nd November, 1986.

Black and white photo of two men in suits, standing infront of a large tree stump, unveiling and plaque to commerate the stump opening

The Stump

Pictured left are the Mayor, Cr P. Frankland unveiling the stump, with Leon Bartlett, President of the Rotary Club of Traralgon, 1975.

The ceremony was witnessed by a small group of interested citizens plus the representatives of the groups/organisations involved/responsible in erecting the “STUMP” in Victory Park – 27/8/1975.  The groups involved in the removal and re-siting of this stump of a giant Eucalyptus tree possibly, 30m (300 feet) tall and 10m (100 feet) in diameter, included APM Forests and Highland Earthmoving & Plant Hire Co., and of course the Rotary Club of Traralgon whose initiative the project had been. (TDHS Bulletin 6(4)p. 7 & “70 years of Service p.74).

Time Capsule

Burying the capsule is the caption for the photo below. On December 14, 1975, Cr.? Peter Wood, with spade, is watched as he buries the Time capsule, by (L-R) Leon Bartlett, Dr. T. A. McLean, & Cr. Harry Saunders. The Capsule contained messages from school children and local residents, about what was important to them: newspapers, memorabilia of the era. The inscription on the capsule “Rotary Club of Traralgon Time Capsule buried at this spot Sunday 14th December 1975. To be reopened in the year 2000.

In 2000 the Time Capsule buried in 1975 was reopened and its contents distributed to the original contributors or the family members.??? At this time a new Capsule was buried to be reopened in 2025. This capsule’s resting place is marked by the large Granite block that is placed in front of the Marble Statues.

Black and white photo of four men helping to cover a time capsule in a park

Marble Statues

These magnificent statues are the work of sculptor Clive Murray-White.

The work is entitled “ Lars Compitalis” made of  Chillagoe marble , Gosford sandstone and steel. The work was commissioned by Loy Yang Power and Monash University with assistance from the Australian Council 1999. It is a gift to the people of La Trobe Shire.