The River of Little Fish

By Mr. William J. Cuthill

An historical account of Traralgon, written for the boys and girls of the city. First published in 1970.

About the Author - Mr. William J. Cuthill

Foreword by the Author - The River of Little Fish 
published on CD ROM - 2001

Black and white photo of Bill CuthillTraralgon is an industrial City, 160 km to the east of Melbourne, with a population of approximately 26,000. The children are fortunate in having their own history of their City, written for young people by the author, Mr. William J. Cuthill.

Mr. Cuthill was a resident of Traralgon for 18 years, and was the Clerk of Courts. He retired from the Victorian Public Service in 1974, when he was the Chief Stipendiary Magistrate for the State of Victoria. He has agreed to the reproduction of his book, on CD ROM, for distribution to the schools of Traralgon and District.

His method of retaining the interest of his young readers was copied from "The History of Bermuda" by Canon Tucker, a unique book. Mr. Cuthill has assured the Society that he is grateful to it for allowing him to leave a small "footprint on the sands of time" and hopes that you, too, will enjoy your reading of "The River of Little Fish".

W.J. Cuthill - January 2000

Illustrations from the book

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