Sketch of Grey Street School

The small detached building at the western end of the school (far left of the picture) was used by the boys of the Higher Elementary school for sloyd. Sloyd included in the school curriculum was usually taught at one school in each area, with boys from the 7th and 8th grades in nearby schools attending once a week. This was the fore-runner of Woodwork as included in the curriculum in later years. The building moved from Campbell Street and used for Higher Elementary classes is not shown in this picture.

We thank Barry wholeheartedly for, once again, giving us an original sketch to grace our Bulletin covers for the year. Our collection of Barry’s sketches now numbers 20.

Our sketch, by Barry Alford, for our 1998 Bulletins depicts the Grey Street Primary School, Traralgon, No. 3584, in about 1912.

Footnote re sketch:

Mr. John Davidson has reminded us that the small detached building at the Traralgon State School, shown in the Bulletin’s Cover Sketch, which was used for sloyd, was bought by Mr. Bob Hentschell for something like £25.0.0 on behalf of the Morwell Brass Band. It was moved to Commercial Road, Morwell, by Mr. Jack Bolger, on October 12th 1940, when it was used as a Band Hall until its removal by a Rosedale buyer in 1966.